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Dog Who Was Trapped In Barn Gets 35 Pounds Of Fur Cut Off


It had to be shoveled away since there was so much dirt and excrement blocking the door to the barn stall where Lazarus had been living, locked in filth and within his enormous coat.

“It appeared like it had been a while by the appearance of the dog and the door,” says C., a dog groomer who asked to remain anonymous.

A neighbor had begged C. and another groomer, Jessica Kincheloe, to assist the dog, whose owner is terminally sick.

They went to his residence about a week ago and released him from the stall, then from his coat, removing over 35 pounds of hair in the process.


Lazarus seems apprehensive at first throughout the grooming.

“He calmed down and appeared to realize because it was making him feel better,” Kincheloe recounts after his hair was trimmed away from his neck.

In fact, everything appeared to be brand new.

Like walking.

Also being patted and cared over.

“He didn’t appear to like being touched by humans, but he didn’t seem to be used to it. He warmed up to us in no time. Especially after you’ve given out snacks “Kincheloe agrees.

Lazarus has been adopted by Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, a non-profit organization. He’s in a foster home in Virginia, where he’ll stay for weeks, months, or as long as it takes for him to let it be known that he’s ready to be adopted into a forever home.

Jean Harrison, the founder of Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, tells The Dodo that Lazarus is still adjusting to his new life.

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He “approached a newly cooked steak gingerly,” she writes, “which made us sad.” “However, he immediately grasped the concept, and he was overjoyed to get the steak.”

Lazarus has shown to be a kind, loving, and thankful dog in the short time since his rescue – but that last aspect makes Harrison sad. She believes that dogs should not be required to express gratitude.

She explains, “It signifies they’ve seen and suffered too much.” “We look forward to the day when he accepts full responsibility for everything.”

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