A pilot flies with more than 50 rescued cats and returns them to their forever homes. – Animals Nature Press

A pilot flies with more than 50 rescued cats and returns them to their forever homes.


Pilot Michael Schneider recently prepped his jet for one of the best journeys of his career, carrying more than 50 rescued cats, in collaboration with the organization Pilots to the Rescue, which Michael created in 2015 as a non-profit focused on assisting thousands of animals in need.

Michael founded the nonprofit to combine his two main hobbies, flying and animal rescue, according to People. He pilots many of the rescue flights that Pilots to the Rescue undertakes on a regular basis, and a huge majority of the missions that Pilots to the Rescue performs are flights flown by volunteer pilots.

They generally transfer animals from overcrowded shelters that might otherwise be slaughtered. As a result, the group relocates them safely to other shelters with adequate room and resources to provide  a second chance to these animals so that they can find a definitive home.

Michael  made an incredible trip with 51 feline passengers. He flew from New Jersey to North Carolina, where he picked up scores of cats from the Carolina Cat Rescue Center.


North Carolina rescue center volunteers met with Michael and gave over the 51 rescued animals. Before being saved by Carolina Cat Rescue, the majority of the kittens had endured a terrible life on the streets.

Michael took off for Connecticut as soon as he gently placed the 51 kittens into the plane in North Carolina. The felines’ rough beginning is now behind us, and everyone anticipated them to have a good opportunity at life.

When the cats arrived in Connecticut, they were met by volunteers from numerous New England shelters. Kittens will be cared for in these foster homes until they find a permanent home.

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Michael and Pilots to the Rescue saved the Carolina Cat Rescue and New England shelters by transferring the kittens to safety within hours. This trip represents a significant investment in terms of money and resources that shelters would require to securely transport the cats.

Giving animals more chances to find forever homes and assisting volunteers who save thousands of animals from dreadful ends is a huge honor for Pilots to the Rescue, and they aim to continue offering this service for a long time in the future.

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