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A Man Finds A Creative Way To Keep A Chilly Pigeon Outside His Window Warm


On a chilly day in Turkey, Sabahattin Ylmaz was at home when he observed someone seated on a ledge just outside his window after a rain shower.

It was a shivering and drenched bird. He’d obviously not been able to locate refuge in time from the storm.

Seeing the bird suffering from the cold, Ylmaz came up with a clever solution.

Rather of putting the pigeon under unnecessary stress by transporting him inside to warm up, Ylmaz brought the heat to him.


He provided the bird a means to dry off by using a hair dryer.

Unbeknownst to Ylmaz, a bystander on the street below captured the entire gesture of kindness on film:

After the video went viral, local news outlets tracked down Ylmaz to find out more. The finish turned out to be just as heartwarming as the gesture itself.

“After a lot of warming up, [the pigeon] recovered,” Ylmaz told the reporters. “I also provided him with bird food.” After 15 minutes, I [reheated him]. He flew away once the bird had recovered and eaten his meal.”

Though the well-being of a single pigeon in the world might matter little to some people, Yılmaz feels differently.

“He has a life, too,” Yılmaz said. “That’s why I did it.”


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