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They Ask For Help For The Humble Boy Who Went Viral For Monitoring The Important Birth Of His Pig


The charming viral recording that Juan Gabriel Juca, a 9-year-old child from Ecuador’s remote Guachapala region, submitted to his teacher has Juan Gabriel Juca as the main character. The instructor Nancy Monroy’s kind and heartfelt explanation for not being able to present “the assignment soon” quickly spread over the world.

Juanito attends the Ciudad of Guachapala School, where he is essentially in his fifth year of basic education.

«Nancy, the teacher, good day. I can tell you that I won’t be able to send assignments anytime soon since my Cuchi will start giving birth when lessons are complete, and I have no idea what time he will arrive. I must also be seeing Cuchi there because my mother hasn’t yet arrived. I’ll email you the assignment as soon as I’m done giving birth, thank you. Juanito’s explanation, “I hope she understands me,” excited millions of people.

Juanito is effectively in his sixth year of basic school at the Ciudad of Guachapala School.

With her birth, Sandy the baby pig required assistance more than ever. Diana Juca, Juanito’s mother, was selling fruit in Paute, a location distance from her house. Diana Juca is the sole provider for her two children.


Juan Gabriel was tasked with keeping an eye on his “Cuchi” as she gave birth as a result. He did not hesitate to email his teacher the infamous recording while also worrying about his academic commitments, pleading for understanding.

Diana’s phone continued to ring nonstop after it went viral for interviews and to congratulate her son on his performance.

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The mother said that her son did the first calf’s removal all by himself, without any assistance. She arrived shortly after and assisted him with the piglet so that her son could get on with the rest of the duties.

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