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Workers Rescue Kitten From Garbage Bag Just in Time


It breaks my heart to think there are people that are capable of doing such inhuman things to helpless creatures.

Fortunately the world is also full of kind people and as you will see from this heart warming story, miracles can come in small bundles. Meet Hopper!


The story begins when to sanitation workers we’re going about their business like any other day.

As they were throwing garbage bags into the back of their truck they suddenly heard a meow.


They were both hoping that what they heard was a broken child’s toy, but when the crying began again they realised there was an animal inside one of the bags.


“We opened the bag to find a kitten. His heart was beating very fast. We think he was in shock, so we reached in and grabbed him.”

They were also extremely shocked by what they saw.

“Who would do this? Putting the cat in the bag… There are so many different outlets to get to help a cat with a better life than to put it in a bag and tie it up and tape around the top. I can’t help but think it was intentional.”


The two men decided to give their truck a thorough search to ensure there were no more cats within and thankfully none were found.

The little ginger kitty was shaken by his ordeal so one of them cuddled him close to his chest in order to calm him down.

They decided to name him Hopper which is the nickname given to the back of a garbage truck.

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After a trip to the vet they discovered that Hopper was about 10 weeks old. He also had an eye and upper respiratory infections.

Once treated he was taken to Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue and soon in put in the care of a loving foster family.

The two men that found him bought Hopper a luxury cat bed and some supplies as a parting gift.

They were both deeply moved by the ordeal.


Hopper is now recuperating in his foster home and his health is improving daily.

Once fully recovered he will be put up for adoption and I’m sure he has a bright future ahead of him.


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