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Can’t Believe This Dog Is Being Saved From A Chain In An Uninhabited Backyard Tt All


When a guy in Detroit arrived home one day and saw a chained dog discarded in a nearby backyard, he began frantically phoning around for assistance. Fortunately, Rebel Dogs Detroit answered the call and dispatched Tiffany Perkins, a volunteer, to investigate. When she initially came, she had no clue what to anticipate, but as soon as she saw Beaker, her heart melted.

Perkins told The Dodo, “Beaker was shy and cowered behind the garage to hide.” “As I started yelling for him, he peered out the side.” His tail began to wag as I approached. Then, apparently relieved, he pushed his weight against us in exchange for patting him. He was so delighted that he’meeped’ like a muppet, therefore he was given the name Beaker!”

Beaker was obviously anxious after being chained and abandoned, but as soon as he understood Perkins was there to rescue him, he immediately relaxed and was overjoyed to meet his new best buddy.


“He dropped to the ground for belly rubs, licks, and playful commotion as the chain was untied from the garage,” Perkins recalled.

Beaker’s chain got trapped around his neck, so Perkins took him to the doctor. Perkins took advantage of the additional time as they waited for Beaker’s operation to remove the chain, and the adorable dog was overjoyed.

“We spent a lot of bonding time in the car for 5+ hours waiting for his procedure,” Perkins recalled. “After a time, he was asleep with his head in my lap.”

Even after everything that had happened to him, all Beaker wanted was to be loved, and his desire had finally come true.

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Beaker is recovering in his foster home following surgery and is the happiest dog anybody has ever met. It doesn’t seem to matter to Beaker what happened to him in the past. What matters is where he is today, and all of his new friends who care for him and want to ensure that he is happy and secure.

“In his foster home, he’s learning how to be an inside dog with unconditional affection,” Perkins added.

Beaker is seeking for his permanent home and would like living with another active, enthusiastic dog that can teach him the ropes and become his greatest friend. Beaker knew he was finally secure the moment he saw his rescuers, and he’s eager to find the forever home he deserves.


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