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Pittie Trying To Gain The Courage To Enter Her First Real Home, A Rescue Dog


Valentine had no idea what to do when she first stepped inside her first real house a year ago.

In a hoarding scenario, the dalmatian/pit bull mix has spent her whole life giving birth to puppies. She had no concept what the words “comfort” and “safety” meant to her.

Valentine’s mother, Ashley Moses, told The Dodo, “She was really shy when we first met her.” “During our meet-and-greet with her, she wasn’t opening up to us, and we couldn’t get a sense of her personality.” Her soul was broken, and she appeared to be depressed.”


Moses and her fiancé weren’t sure if they could handle a dog as large as Valentine, but they knew they had to give it a shot.

“I knew she was our puppy the instant I saw her image.” “It was love at first sight,” Moses added, sounding corny. “After we adopted her, we both shared our reservations about adopting her. Is it possible for us to handle a dog like this? What if she never said anything? What do we do with a fearful dog if we’ve never rescued before?”

Moses’ heart sank as he watched Valentine’s unsure reaction to her new home. She thought Valentine would recognize her as secure immediately away, but after everything she’d been through, the little puppy wasn’t ready to trust.

“We had to persuade her to come inside with us,” Moses explained. “She was terrified and perplexed, and she refused to leave our home’s entrance.”

“She was afraid,” she explained, “but we enticed her in with a plethora of sweets.” “Throughout the night, she remained closed off, depressed, and unwilling to communicate with us.”

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Moses anticipated the rescue dog to be withdrawn the next morning, but instead was greeted with appreciative licks. Valentine’s demeanor seems to have entirely transformed over night.

Valentine knew she had returned home.

“She was a completely different dog,” Moses explained. “She was bouncing, playing, kissing me, and in general, she was ecstatic… We weren’t expecting her to open up that fast, so it was a surreal experience!”

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“She is the happiest kid who likes to play with her toys, eats everything, and most importantly, her family,” Moses added. “She is the most expressive and amusing dog I’ve ever seen. We’re very proud of her achievements… and we can’t wait to adore her for the rest of our lives.”

Valentine is in the same boat as you.


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