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The Sweetest Incorrect Smile Dog Is Basically Looking For Love


Despite the fact that Zeke’s life hasn’t been easy, he can’t help but smile.

And the workers at The NOAH Center in Stanwood, Washington, have fallen in love with his quirky, crooked grin.

The NOAH Center’s dog care coordinator, Katrina Wedin, told The Dodo, “I cannot convey how gorgeous he is.” “Above all, Zeke is a people person who enjoys being noticed and interacting with others.”

She went on to say, “He now has a big fan club at our shelter, including employees and volunteers.” “He wants to be as near as possible to you. When you enter his shelter apartment, the first thing he wants to do is lean in and sit in your lap. Despite the fact that he is a huge dog, he honestly believes he is a lap dog.”


Zeke was a seven-month-old bundle of activity when he arrived at the shelter in January. His twisted face was discovered to be owing to a congenital abnormality by a veterinarian, yet the snaggletooth doesn’t bother him.

Wedin explained, “He had to undergo some corrective dental procedures.” “On the other hand, it has no bearing on his day-to-day existence!”

Zeke was adopted after a few months in the shelter. But when his family ran into financial difficulties, he was forced to return to the shelter. Zeke is now on the hunt for a forever home all over again, and the shelter staff is optimistic that his crooked smile will find a new home.

Wedin described him as “such a large, wonderful, goofy gentleman with a face that no one can help but fall in love with.”

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There hasn’t been much interest in Zeke thus far, partly because he’ll probably require further surgery as he gets older to ensure that his abnormality doesn’t hinder him. However, the gentle and affectionate dog is hopeful that the appropriate adoptive will come along and provide him with the care and attention he needs.

Wedin described him as “a charming, silly man who truly wants to be loved and loyal to a lifelong person.”

Zeke is content to run around, cuddle his carers, and grin his adorable, crooked smile while he waits.

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