Pittie is always monitoring her new sister to make sure she is doing well. – Animals Nature Press

Pittie is always monitoring her new sister to make sure she is doing well.


When Kevin Smith and his wife initially rescued Ellie, the pit dog, she was terrified of moving.

She appeared to be terrified of people, particularly men, but Smith refused to give up on her. He worked hard to win her trust and show her a lot of affection, and his efforts ultimately paid off.

“At first, I was concerned because she was afraid of leaving the ground. Smith told The Dodo, “She was frozen to the ground, and you could tell she’d had a horrible life.” “Now she just wants people to pet her and adore her.” She cries out for help.”

Ellie adored being an only child for a year, but when Smith’s wife became pregnant, they were unsure how she would respond to their growing family.


Ellie became increasingly amenable to the notion of having a younger sibling as the months passed. “Ellie used to rest her head on her belly and listen to my wife when she was close to her due date,” Smith recalled. “It was very much on a nightly basis.”

When Ellie first met Peytyn, the dog fell head over heels in love with her younger sister.

“We had Peytyn in the bedroom, and typically Ellie is pleased to see us, but she simply bypassed us and walked straight in to visit Peytyn,” Smith explained.

Ellie is now Peytyn’s full-time nanny and security guard at the age of five months. Ellie follows Peytyn wherever he goes, which is a bit frustrating at first.

Smith explained, “You can’t take Peytyn somewhere without Ellie following her.” “As you carry Peytyn to the changing table, Ellie is checking on her infant… She simply sits there, staring at you. She’s following you when you take her up to relocate her.”

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When Ellie’s parents are busy, she makes care to check on Peytyn. Ellie will pop into Peytyn’s room to say hello whether they’re having supper or taking a shower while viewing the baby monitor.

“Ellie maintains a close check on Peytyn at all times,” Smith added. “She just keeps her head above the crib, never going into it to make sure she’s okay.”

Peytyn has grown accustomed to Ellie’s frequent attention and has mastered the art of softly petting her puppy. “Ellie sits next to her and rests her head on her knee, while Peytyn rests her hand on her head,” Smith explained. “Peytyn has learned to pet her and treat her gently.”

Smith has always adored pit bulls, but Ellie’s surprising dedication to his child has only strengthened his feelings for her. “The breed isn’t awful,” says the narrator “Smith stated his opinion. “They’re actually rather nice and considerate.”


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