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Stray Cat with Unique Markings Finds a Place in Her Rescuer’s Heart


She was found abandoned at a construction site with her sister when they were only two days old.

A kind woman found Lily and her sister at a construction site when they were just two days old. Sadly, their other siblings didn’t survive.

She decided to take them both home and nurse them back to health.


A home was found for her sister but Lily had crept her way into this kind woman’s heart and she simply couldn’t part with her.

stray cat

Little Lily was a shy kitten with unique markings on her face, just like the Rorschach ink blot.

unique markings

Today Lily is five year old and is all grown up with a personality to match.

Not only does she have unique markings, but she is also cross-eyed, which only adds to her cuteness.

unique face

The spots on her face are in perfect symmetry, which is why her human calls her “The Rorschach Cat.”

Lily is almost white all over except her tail which is completely black and the rims of her ears and of course, her delightful face.

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