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Cat That Remains Forever a Kitten Never Gave Up on Life


Meet S’mores!

She is now two years old but is only the size of an 8 week old kitten. An amazing kitty that never lost the will to live.

S’mores had a bad start in life when at six weeks old she suffered a head injury.

“A cat carrier was accidentally dropped on her head and left her immobilized and brain damaged.”


“She couldn’t walk or eat on her own. Vets weren’t sure if she would make it or how she would be if she survived,” explained The Odd Cat Sanctuary.

This amazing animal shelter specializes in looking after ferals, sick cats, senior cats, and the cats on death row.

They saw the fight that S’mores had inside her and they refused to give up on her.

“She couldn’t walk or eat or drink, however with supportive care she was able to survive and thrive.

Her recovery was about three months she just laid there non-responsive getting nutrients from a feeding tube.”

“The doctors weren’t sure how long it would take, they said with traumatic brain injuries it’s a waiting game to see if she gets better and pulls through.”

S’mores remained at the sanctuary where she got all the care and attention needed to help her pull through this difficult time.

It was slow progress but each day she grew a bit stronger.

“She slowly over time started to show signs of life, first she started taking water by syringe, and showed a little interest in licking food off a plate. Then she started to slowly be able to walk again, always in circles to the left.”

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Soon she was eating and drinking and acting just like other cats, the only difference being that she remained the same size.

Here she is having a snuggle with the friends she made at the sanctuary, as you can see, she’s the smallest one there.

This miracle kitty may be small in size, but she makes up for that in happiness.

She was soon able to use the litter tray and climb around on the furniture just like any other cat.

“Our rescue founder adopted her, so she is spoiled and loved in her forever home.”

She loves to hang out with her brother from another mother, Mozart.

S’mores is now two years old and she is still the size of an 8 week old kitten weighing in at only two pounds, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for it with love and purrs.

“She’s full of life, loves everyone, chirps constantly and goes in circles to left quite often. She purrs nonstop.”

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