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Chained Dog Who Can’t Lay Down And Got Slighted By Owner Wants Only One Thing


Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) staff received a call about an abandoned small dog lying shivering next to a pile of garbage in a snowy neighborhood. Rescue worker Terri Looby immediately went to the scene, but there was no small dog in sight. ilovemydogsomuch writes that instead she found a tall but thin Labrador pit bull mix sitting on an abandoned couch with a sad expression on his face.

Terri learned that Ollie-Loo had been left with another small dog after her parents left home. When the family returned later to pick up the little dog, they threw Ollie-Loo with their unwanted belongings and left without him. Despite the betrayal, the hungry dog hid in his old home for two weeks. He was praying desperately for his loved ones to come and get him. When Terri approached the trembling Ollie-Loo, she discovered another terrible truth. The dog was limping in pain from a fractured femur that had been left unattended for some time. The owners clearly wanted nothing to do with a sick dog.

A grateful Ollie-Loo wagged his tail the whole time Terri brought him to the shelter. The vet found that the cute one-year-old dog was too weak and could not withstand the cold for long. Ollie-Loo underwent emergency surgery for a broken femur and soon found a warm and loving home.

In the weeks that followed, Ollie-Loo’s foster family worked hard to nurse him back to health and revive his broken spirit. It was only a matter of time before this beautiful dog made a full recovery and found his forever home!

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