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Unintentionally, a woman takes the most terrifying photo of her cat.


Willie-Jean is a sweet-natured cat with an even sweeter personality. There’s no way around it.

However, a recent snapshot taken at an inopportune moment seemed to change her into something altogether different.

Willie-Jean was at home with her owners, Tiffany Miller and her daughter Sydney, the other day when things took an unusual turn. The inquisitive cat had opted to perch on a ledge over the kitchen sink at random. Then she noticed something.Willie-Jean reacted by striking an amusingly uncomfortable stance.Miller told The Dodo, “When we looked over at her, she had her head turned upside down, as if she was staring at something.”Sydney took a picture, unaware that things were going to get more crazier.Willie-Jean let out an enormous yawn as she continued to look, her head still upside down.Miller explained, “I simply choked.”The lovely cat appeared to be more of a terrifying monster at that time.

Miller’s daughter concurred, calling the snapshot “truly the stuff of nightmares.”

Talk about unattractive.

But, thankfully, Willie-Jean swiftly reverted to her cute nature after taking on that demon-like guise.

“It was just out of the blue,” Miller added.



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