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The veterinarian has a sweet trick for immunizing dogs without them knowing it.


It’s no secret that even a normal trip to the veterinarian may be terrifying for a dog, especially if vaccinations are involved.

But this particular doctor, André Santos, has come up with a charming approach to make the whole procedure enjoyable for them.

Santos owns and operates a veterinarian practice in Portugal, where he’s earned a reputation for his lighthearted approach to keeping dogs healthy and happy.

Santos doesn’t merely approach a furry patient with that dreaded needle when they come into his clinic for immunization. Instead, he creates a game out of things, rewarding dogs with playtime and goodies while completely oblivious to the fact that they’ve been given an injection.

And, in many cases, there is even dancing involved.


Rather than being traumatic, receiving a shot from Santos may be the highlight of their day.

“Whenever we do a procedure, we should give a positive treat,” Santos said.

This approach might seem a little unconventional, but Santos’s patients certainly love him for it.

Finally, Santos’ calm and caring treatment of his patients not only relieves the stress and worry of one “scary” trip to the vet, but also makes future visits something they could look forward to.

That’s what matters most to me as someone who genuinely cares about the health of dogs.

Santos said, “Best. Job. Ever.”

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