After being chained for eight years, the dog is shocked to receive his own bed. – Animals Nature Press

After being chained for eight years, the dog is shocked to receive his own bed.


Stevie was rescued from a South Carolina backyard (together with another dog named Wonder), where he had been chained for much of his eight years. The Lancaster County SPCA, which works closely with other organizations such as Diamonds in the Ruff in New York, took him in. When Diamonds in the Ruff learned about Stevie, they knew he had to become a part of their rescue family right away.

When Stevie first arrived in the care of Diamonds in the Ruff, it was clear that he had a lot going on. In addition to being blind, Stevie was also dealing with fleas, worms, and missing fur.

Eventually, they also realized he had an old corn cob stuck in his intestines, and he had to undergo surgery to have it removed. On top of all of his medical issues, his foster family also had to be patient with him as he adjusted to life inside with a loving family.


Stevie’s foster mom, Erin Boyd, told The Dodo, “He slept most of the trip [home], but would start snarling and barking every now and then in his kennel.” “We realized he was only trying to protect himself.” We took the container inside when we arrived home, but he refused to come out. We were particularly cautious since he couldn’t see us and we didn’t know who he was.”

Stevie began to come out of his shell as he began to heal physically and mentally, and it wasn’t long before he’d changed into the biggest mush of a dog. His foster family enjoyed seeing him go through so many firsts, such as sleeping in his own bed for the first time.

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Stevie’s foster home recognized he had probably never slept on a soft dog bed before, so they made sure he got one. He was so pleased when he felt how soft it was with his paws that he instantly began jumping for joy.

Now, every time Stevie comes across a dog bed, he has to do his little jumping routine. He’s just so thrilled to have something that’s meant to make him cozy and comfortable and has to show everyone how happy he is every single time.

“He bounces, chews on a toy for a few seconds, and then goes asleep,” Boyd added.

Despite his blindness, Stevie has settled in nicely at his foster home, and everyone is amazed at how far he’s come.

“He’s really intelligent,” Boyd said. “He rapidly figured out how to go about my place.” He can go inside the home from the backyard, via the garage, and up the three stairs. He knows to wait for a treat in the kitchen when he comes in, and he knows to jump on my small round, ottoman to get onto my bed. He sleeps a lot, but he enjoys cuddling, going on walks, chewing on noisy toys, and kissing!”

Stevie is presently available for adoption, and he’s seeking a local family who understands and values how unique he is. He requires a home without other pets and, ideally, someone who is home frequently and can provide him with the attention he lacked during his first eight years.

“Someone who will simply cuddle up on the sofa with him, take him on walks, let him soak up the sun, and shower him with love,” Boyd added.

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Stevie has been through a lot, but he believes everything will be alright now that he has his cozy dog beds and a lot of humans to adore him.





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