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Dogs insist on accompanying their owners to the hospital in an ambulance.


Paramedics were dispatched to the Brazilian city of Bauru this week to aid a man in distress. When they arrived, they saw the guy on the ground, apparently having a seizure.

However, as first responders approached the individual, they noticed he was not alone.

Bob and Chiara, his two dogs, were with him, and they had no intention of leaving their best friend’s side.

After the man was loaded into the ambulance, the two dogs followed suit.


The paramedics then informed their higher-ups that the whole gang would be traveling to the hospital together.

“Concerned about the lives of the patient and the dogs [if they had been left alone] … The team decided not to separate the friends,” Patrícia Iolanda, the paramedics’ supervisor, wrote in a post.

So, they all rode along.

The man was admitted to the hospital after he arrived. Meanwhile, Bob and Chiara had taken up residence just outside the door, waiting for him to return.

The dogs’ careful guardianship lasted all night.

But, in the end, their fears were eased.

The next day, the guy was freed from the hospital and placed in the loving care of his two dogs, who had healed from the tragedy.

It had been well worth the wait for them.

Every day, paramedics deal with life and death situations. In this situation, though, the takeaway was more of a sentimental nature.

“I don’t know what this is if it isn’t love,” Iolanda wrote.

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