On camera, a shelter dog is seen escaping from her kennel to comfort crying puppies. – Animals Nature Press

On camera, a shelter dog is seen escaping from her kennel to comfort crying puppies.


When it appears that no one is looking, this is what love looks like.

According to a Facebook post by Barker’s Pet Motel and Grooming, Maggie, an Australian shepherd, was in her cage when she heard the screams of pups nearby in 2016. When there isn’t enough room elsewhere, the family-run firm in St. Albert, Alberta, frequently houses rescue canines.

Maggie had given up her own babies a couple of weeks earlier and these puppies happened to be without a mother.

When all the humans left the site, Maggie made her move. “There’s a gate at the front of the kennel,” Alex Aldred, whose family owns the business, told The Dodo. “And there’s a spot where we can just slide in a water bowl. She pushed out her water bowl and wriggled her way through the opening.”


Maggie walked down the corridor till she came upon the two orphans, who were clinging to one another.

Despite the fact that she couldn’t join them inside the kennel, she rubbed her body against the cage as hard as she could, as if to say, “It’s all right. I’ve come to help you.”

The Aldred family was out for dinner that night when they saw a dog had escaped from a kennel while watching the motel’s security cameras on their phone.

Sandy Aldred was welcomed by a happy Maggie as she rushed back from supper.

They returned to the pups’ kennel together. Maggie made herself at home inside the cage once Sandy Aldred unlocked it.

“She was super affectionate with them,” Alex Aldred said. “She was mouthing them and they were kissing her chin. So we just decided to keep them together for the night.”

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“When we got back in the morning, they were still all snuggled up,” Aldred added.

Maggie, as well as the two puppies, have now found loving homes. The staff at Barker’s Pet Motel and Grooming, on the other hand, will never forget the night Maggie’s gesture of kindness saved the lonely puppies from a terrifying situation.


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