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The oldest dog in the rescue is delighted to be invited to a 23rd birthday celebration


Bully has witnessed five presidential administrations, the introduction of the first iPhone, the growth of social media, and a slew of other historical events since his birth in 1999, but the Chihuahua is unlikely to tell you about any of them.

However, when the small dog was 23 years old, his owners threw a celebration for him that he will remember for years to come.

Bully lived with a loving family for the first 21 years of his life, enjoying the company of his people, playing outside, and going for runs at the neighborhood park. When his old owner could no longer care for him, the super senior found his way to Chris Hughes and his wife’s senior dog rescue, The Mr. Mo Project.


Bully’s previous owner characterized him as a “large dog in a tiny dog’s body,” and Hughes immediately discovered that, despite his elderly age, Bully hadn’t changed a bit.

Hughes told The Dodo, “Bully is fierce, mischievous, kind, independent, sensitive, peaceful, and he has an old man bark.” “Even at his age, he enjoys attempting to push another of our Chihuahuas about.”

Bully, now that he’s older, needs more rest than the ordinary puppy. “Bully enjoys sleeping, and he has won the right to do so,” Hughes added. “He’ll fall asleep wherever, sometimes in the center of the kitchen floor, on a toilet pad, or in the corner’s biggest, most comfy bed.”

The Hughes family celebrated Bully’s birthday by decorating their home in his honor and providing him with the two things he enjoys most in life: goodies and naps. “Because he doesn’t have many teeth,” Hughes explained, “we purchased a soft biscuit and crushed it up for him to enjoy.” “Sleeping is his favorite pastime, therefore that’s the nicest gift you can offer him.”

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Hughes makes sure that all of the elderly dogs in their care are treated with respect by arranging parties to honor any occasion with them.

“We try to appreciate all of the wonderful things that occur in our household because there are so many not-so-wonderful things that occur,” Hughes said. “We celebrate when dogs finish chemo treatments, birthdays, adoptions, and we’ve even had Christmas in July when we don’t think someone will survive it till Christmas.”


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