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Luno, The Innocent Puppy Held At The Airport And That Some Ask To Sacrifice


Luno, a dog in perfect condition, finds traveling by plane from Costa Rica to Madrid, Spain, with his owner to be a tremendous hardship.

Without taking into account the “alternatives provided for in the European Regulation for the carriage of pets,” the puppy was not allowed to enter Spain, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Subdirectorate General for Sanitary Agreements and Border Control.

The dog has been detained at the Barajas airport since March 14 without a microchip, despite having a current health card (which is necessary in Spain but not in Costa Rica).

The puppy was kept in a cage by the customs officers at Madrid’s Barajas airport after they opted not to let him into Spanish territory or visit his owner.


Luno’s negative rabies test was submitted by the woman, but she omitted the microchip because it is not a required document in Costa Rica.

Despite the fact that the certificate has all of the dog’s descriptive information, Customs officials doubt that the proof actually belonged to the animal.

The key point is that Luno is being unfairly kept around as if it were a thing, which is causing the dog a lot of pain.

Of course, its owner fears losing her cherished pet forever, which makes her feel helpless and afraid in the face of “incomprehensible” rules in a strange nation.

Thankfully, the legal staff of the PACMA Animalist Party has been actively involved in the matter, working with AGERAA (Association for the Ethical and Responsible Management of Abandoned Animals) to intervene with the authorities and find a resolution.

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The problem stems from the fact that “the dog left without the microchip necessary in the country of destination due to an error in the boarding in the country of origin and considerable ignorance on the part of its owner.”

The animalist group also drew attention to the fact that the authorities had recommended the extraordinary action of SACRIFICING Luno as a first step. However, after considerable negotiation, they ultimately decided to deport him by issuing him again.

On their social networks, PACMA declared, “Both items are a true folly.”

Additionally, they provide an explanation of the causes:

In addition to the fact that he cannot be received in Costa Rica, the owner of the dog Luno is not physically suitable for travel. The transshipment of goods or the killing of healthy animals are not workable solutions.

Being a community member and a Spanish citizen, the owner of Luno would forfeit all of her rights by bringing her dog back, and she would also be deported.

All animal-caretakers were urged by PACMA to travel with their animals “with seriousness, dedication, and responsibility.”

However, once the animal reaches Spain, “In light of the new Civil Code, which mandates that animals be treated as what they are: endowed with sensitivity and not as things or a simple cargo on an air flight, they emphasize that it is the responsibility of the authorities to resolve these situations where those affected are SENTENT BEINGS.

“To prevent tragic results, we implore the Ministry of Agriculture to take action.

Sadly, Luno is the most impacted victim and gets caught up in a dreadful legal situation with no fault of his own.

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They claimed from PACMA that the issue is due to “lack of control in the nation of origin, the owner of Luno’s ignorance of the regulations for the admission of animals at our borders, and the lack of interest of the Spanish authorities in addressing it.”

From PACMA’s perspective, it was suggested that “Luno be given a fresh anti-rabies test, that he be given the vaccination, and that he keep the obligatory 21-day quarantine before being turned back to his owner.

However, the fact is that they still haven’t responded. They even offered to put the dog in quarantine at the AGERAA facility.

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