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He Didn’t Know Why His Cat Loved The Barn, Until He Witnessed An Adorable Ability


Professional horse trainer Emma Massingale, from North Devon, England, is based there. The first time Emma saw Louis the cat, he was a little kitten, but that was all it took for her to fall in love with him and take him home.

Emma couldn’t say no and took Louis home right away when her friend, the cat’s previous owner, was unable to retain him because of a split.

From that point on, Emma and Louis were inseparable; neither went anywhere without the other. However, there was one spot where Louis accompanied Emma faithfully.


At first, no one had any idea why Louis followed his owner around the stable so frequently, but when they learned the actual reason, they couldn’t believe it. It was very astounding. The stable was Louis’ favorite location. Louis was a fantastic horseman; he could even ride them.

He started by strolling around the walls or fences of the barn with me and prodding the horses with his head before hopping on their backs and sitting down, according to Emma.

The horses’ openness to Louis was the biggest surprise because it appears that they are not at all bothered by his presence; rather, they enjoy his company and spending time with him.

Particularly Comet, who is a rather calm horse and with whom they both have a close bond. They like spending time together, and Louis has developed some incredible gallop-on-Comet tactics.

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