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Incredibly A “miracle” Dog Remains Alive After Being Hit By An 80 MPH Car


A vehicle was traveling down an Italian motorway at 80 mph last week when they heard a bang. They’d, unfortunately, hit a stray white dog who’d landed up in the center of the road.

The motorist came to a complete stop, clearly fearing the worst.

However, what they witnessed instead appeared to be nothing short of a miracle.

Incredibly, given the speed at which the car had been traveling, the lucky pup had actually survived — becoming lodged in the vehicle’s front grille, which had apparently dampened the impact.


The driver called for help, and Jimmy Dotti of Italian Veterinary Ambulance was among the first on the scene.

He, too, was in disbelief.

“This is one of the most extraordinary examples I’ve seen in my many years of saving animals,” Dotti said.

After sedating the dog, rescuers were able to remove him from the vehicle and discover that he had just minor injuries.

Thankfully, testing revealed that the dog’s brain and spinal cord were unharmed. With the exception of a damaged front leg, he’d escaped the collision relatively unhurt.

The dog was given the name Paraflu by rescuers, and he was soon on his way to recovery.

It would take a long time for his leg to heal completely. Paraflu’s spirit, on the other hand, was unaffected.

He’s all grins now

It’s still a mystery where Paraflu came from and how he got there alone on the perilous highway. However, one thing is certain: he was given a second shot at life. His saviors are confident that his future has never looked brighter.

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The lucky dog will be placed into a loving home once his rehabilitation is complete.

“Paraflu is a fantastic dog,” Dotti stated. “He will bring joy to the family who adopts him.”



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