A man adopts a 16-year-old dog, ensuring that his final moments be as joyful as possible. – Animals Nature Press

A man adopts a 16-year-old dog, ensuring that his final moments be as joyful as possible.


When we have a dog, we must accept that they do not live as long as we would want. They accompany us for a portion of our lives, but they spend their whole lives with us, therefore we always aspire to provide them with the finest possible existence by our side. We are well aware that they are deserving of everything.

So believes Zach Skow, co-founder of Marleys MuttsandPawsitive Change Program, who came across an elderly dog called Henry at the Tehachapi, California, rescue shelter. The 16-year-old dog appeared tired, had rough gray spots on his coat, and was not as nimble or lively as the other canines at the shelter.

Zach was very touched, and he couldn’t take the notion of this dog spending his final years in this manner. So he offered without hesitation to be Henry’s adoptive father in March. His mission was to ensure that Henry met new people and made fresh joyful experiences.

Due to his age, Henry had some trouble walking fluently for a while, but surprisingly the sweet dog worked hard to draw energy from within and it wasn’t long before they could see him pacing and running around Zach’s yard as if was a puppy. His adoptive father could hardly believe it.


In addition to his age, Henry was diagnosed with testicular cancer while in the shelter. Fortunately, surgery enabled him to beat the condition. This dog was really clinging to continue living.

Zach didn’t think Henry would be with him for many years. He estimated that the dog had just a few months to live due to his age. But the dog beat the odds day after day, and to Zach’s astonishment, he seemed younger with each passing day.

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As happy as he was with his progress, Zach couldn’t stay with Henry much longer, so he set about finding him a forever home. His goal, after all, was to give this sweet little dog the best years possible.

Of course, with that energy and joy that characterized him, it was not difficult for Henry to find a home despite his age. His new mother loves him madly and takes care of him every step of the way, she even shares everything they do on her own Instagram account.

Henry still has enough energy to go for a walk and soak up some rays. He enjoys being outside, and he is aware that he has a supportive family and a large social media following.

Henry went from being a forgotten senior dog at a shelter, to become a beloved family pet, and it’s all thanks to Zach, who saw Henry at that shelter and knew he still deserved the best in life.

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