The dog stays with the baby till he has calmed him down after hearing him cry. – Animals Nature Press

The dog stays with the baby till he has calmed him down after hearing him cry.


The protagonists of this wonderful movie that went viral were a loving Labrador retriever of a year and a half and the small newborn of a family in the United States. Dexter, the dog, was involved in a beautiful scenario in which you can see how he approached his human brother Carter, who was only a month old at the time, to quiet his weeping with soothing licks.

Mother Carter captured the sweet incident on camera, and she was utterly taken aback because it was one of her dog’s first encounters with the new baby.

The woman was overjoyed to see her pet dog reacting so positively to her presence.

ViralHog wrote:


“Dexter has been absolutely amazing with Carter and he wants to be wherever he is. Every time Carter is crying, Dex comes over and tries to lick his head or comfort him.”

Watch the adorable moment on video:

Of course, the infant’s parents kept Dexter away from the baby for a while after they brought him home from the hospital as a precaution, until he became accustomed to their presence.

And everything is that the dog will be a beautiful and endearing elder brother.

Dexter’s affection for his new younger brother is so strong that he cannot bear hearing him scream because he rushes to his side to kiss him and help him calm down. He is an extremely attractive young man.

More than 72,000 people have viewed the video, and there have been several comments expressing their admiration for the dog.

Dexter formed a bond with the family’s newborn, and his protective instincts now present us with wonderful moments like the one in this video.

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