Unharmed, a cat falls from the tenth floor and crashes through the car’s roof. – Animals Nature Press

Unharmed, a cat falls from the tenth floor and crashes through the car’s roof.


Although some people think it is only a myth, the idea that cats have seven lives seems to be true enough.

You have undoubtedly heard of cats who survive the most catastrophic mishaps, but possibly none as horrific as the one that the striped kitten who serves as the subject of this tale did

The inhabitants of a housing complex in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, received the shock of their lives when they were startled by a horrific roar that left them gasping for air.

Although it appeared to be an explosion, it was actually some sort of attack gone awry.


One of the automobiles was totaled in the parking lot of the houses. The body of the kitten, which had fallen from the building’s seventh storey, had punctured the ceiling.

The area was littered with broken glass after one of the windows broke on contact. The amazing thing was that the kitten, shocked by the collision but unharmed, was sitting on the pilot’s seat.

Nobody could believe the animal, who appeared to be in good health, had survived a catastrophic fall. Although the seven lives of cats are a common myth, this small creature pushed the idea to its logical conclusion.

The neighbors decided to take the animal to a vet clinic even though it appeared to be in good health. They looked for any signs of an internal injury since they thought it was plausible that he had one but couldn’t have been seen by the naked eye.

It was discovered that the creature had not only survived, but was also in good health, following an examination and some x-rays.

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