The bookstore is given the name of the family dog, and she is appointed manager. – Animals Nature Press

The bookstore is given the name of the family dog, and she is appointed manager.


When Stacy Gould and her family first discussed building a bookshop, they thought long and hard about the logistics. Because her children and husband were both gone all day at school and work, Gould knew she’d be the one traveling to the supermarket — and so would the family dog, Ruby.

Ruby not only means everything to her family, but she’s also the nicest, sweetest puppy who loves everyone she meets, so they decided a bookshop where people could come in to say hello every day would be ideal for her. In many respects, the store would become hers — and so Ruby’s Books was founded.

“Ruby would have to accompany me to the shop every day, so we thought, ‘Why don’t we name the business after Ruby?’” Gould revealed to The Dodo.


Ruby is now the co-owner, manager, and official greeter at Ruby’s Books, and she takes her responsibilities extremely seriously. Ruby and her bookstore have only been open for about a year and a half, but they have already become an important part of the community.

“The customers adore Ruby, and she has become something of a fixture here on Sutter Street,” Gould said. “People come for the books, but they stay for the dog,” we joke.

Ruby’s family believes it is critical that she maintain a healthy work-life balance, therefore she does not go to the store every day. She works from Monday to Friday and spends her weekends with her family. She likes every second she spends in the shop, though, and has a plethora of tasks that she proudly fulfills.

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“Her tasks include greeting each client at the door, rolling over for numerous belly massages, smelling for sweets within our customers’ pockets, sweeping the floor with her extremely fluffy tail [and] reading (or pretending to]) with the kiddies in our children’s department,” Gould explained.

Ruby absolutely loves having her own bookstore, and her family loves that they now have a way to share Ruby and all of her joy with the community.



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