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Pit Bull Thanks Bus Driver Everyday For Bringing Her Human Home


Lucy is an extremely sociable puppy who adores everyone she meets. She adores everyone in her family, despite the fact that she and her brother took some time to establish their groove together.

“My son is five years old and nonverbal,” Lucy’s mother, Miranda Peterson, told The Dodo. “He was formally diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder a few months after we adopted Lucy. For the first year of her life, he didn’t like her. He didn’t appreciate her being in his personal space, and I believe that was too much of a shift for him.

Lucy saw that her brother needed a little more time to warm up to her, so she became incredibly generous with his personal space. They did, however, eventually find an activity that helped them bond.

My husband began taking our baby for daily walks after he concluded his workweek a few months ago, according to Peterson. My son enjoys being outside, so he had a great time. My husband brought Lucy along as well, and it became routine after that. The three of them go for a walk regardless of the weather. My son’s regular outing helped him bond with Lucy, and now he enjoys playing fetch with her, pouring her food in her bowl every day, and going out with her on rare occasions.


Now, Lucy loves being outside with her brother every chance she gets, and at some point that started to include waiting for the bus to come every day. It was just another opportunity for Lucy to bond with her brother, and that’s how she ended up meeting the bus driver.

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“One day she ran inside the bus to follow her brother, and that’s when she officially met the bus driver,” Peterson said. “Then every day he would come down a few steps from the bus for Lucy to go greet him.”

Peterson knew the bus driver was a great lover of pit bulls, so he was just as thrilled to meet Lucy as she was to meet him. Saying hello to the bus driver quickly became a habit for Lucy. In the morning, she walks outside with her brother, sees him off to school, and greets the bus driver.

Then she waits all day for the bus to return, greeting her brother and saying hello to her favorite bus driver once more. It’s her favorite moment of the day, and she wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Of course, waiting all day for her brother and the bus driver to return is tedious, but Lucy isn’t bothered. She can tell when the bus is approaching close to the home at this point, and she gets giddy every time.

the bus is outside.” “She starts whining right away and stands at the door.” I usually urge her to wait until the bus driver helps my son get off (because of etiquette), and as soon as I say, ‘OK,’ she rushes over to him for a short pet, then sprints back to me as if to say, ‘Mom!’ He’s arrived! ‘It’s him!’ says the presenter. She then returns for longer petting.”

Lucy’s friends and family are all extremely important to her. Even (and especially) her brother’s bus driver, she enjoys having her little rituals with all of them.

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