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Dog And Cat Rescued A Day Apart Are Inseparable Now


When a tiny kitten joined a family of dogs, their mom was unsure how the new crew would all get along – but as it turns out, she had nothing to worry about.

Anneliessa Balk moved to Nashville partially to make it easier to rescue animals. She already had two rescue dogs, Nera and Patch, and Patch passed away not long after the move. A few weeks after arriving in her new home, she rescued Fred off the streets, and it was a few months later when her little family was finally complete.

Balk came across a dog on Facebook who had been living around a housing project and needed a foster home. She quickly volunteered, and was finally able to pick up Willow (who became a foster fail) on June 28th, 2016. The very next day, Balk was driving home from yoga when she spotted a tiny black fluff on the side of the road. She pulled a U-turn and went back to investigate, and found the newest member of her family, TK (short for Tiny Kitten).


“I was nervous to take her home,” Balk told The Dodo. “She was so very tiny that she fit in my hand, but after a day of being in a pet carrier and the dogs getting a bit familiar with her, introductions were made and they all loved each other!”

Balk named her little crew The Naughty Dog Brigade + TK, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Now, TK is the boss of her dog siblings, and cuddles and plays with them just like she’s one of the pack. She even chases them around the yard when they’re getting rowdy, and is never afraid to get in on the action.

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“TK, despite being tiny, was boss from the get-go!” Balk said. “She is the spunkiest, feistiest, most loving cat, with a huge personality and dominates the Brigade!”

The little kitten is especially close with her sister Willow, and the pair can often be found cuddling and sleeping together. They love to find places to cuddle near their mom, like in her office, so that they can always keep an eye on her.

“They are very close,” Balk said. “TK often grooms Willow. Willow will go to TK and ask to be groomed and TK will oblige! If TK stops, Willow will nudge her for more!”

Willow is incredibly gentle with TK, and even when they’re playing or wrestling, she’s always careful not to hurt her much smaller sister.

“Willow hasn’t met a person or animal she doesn’t love immediately,” Balk said. “She truly has the kindest disposition.”

TK and Willow were rescued only a day apart, and it’s as if the pair were always meant to be together. They protect and take care of each other, as well as their other siblings, and have no desire to ever be apart.

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