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Walmart Child’s Yodeling Melts Hearts With His Singing


Eleven year-old Mason Ramsey has taken the Internet by storm with his yodelling of Hank Williams Snr’s ‘Love Sick Blues’.

Sporting a red bow tie and cowboy boots, the youngster stunned shoppers at his local Walmart in Golconda, Illinois and a video of his performance spread like wildfire.

The junior country singer was invited to Ellen Degeneres after his performance went viral. When Ellen asked the youngster why he sang at the Walmart, he answered simply, “Well, it’s ’cause that’s the only store we’ve got.” He told the TV talk show host that he’d performed there fifty-thousand times.

Here’s the video of Mason Ramsey’s delightful performance:

If you have trouble viewing the video above, try the version below:


Mason currently is living with his grandparents in Harrisburg, Illinois, and learned some of his yodeling talents from his grandpa.

Mason also shared with Ellen how he has dreams of a bigger stage – the Grand Ole Opry. He also said he plans on saving up his money to go to college, move to Florida and buy himself a motor home.

But it seems Ellen had already worked some magic behind the scenes to help fast-track the young boy’s dreams. First she got him a slot to perform on the Grand Ole Opry stage within the next few days.

She also arranged with Walmart for the boy to have a huge concert at the Walmart where it all began. And to top it off, Walmart gave him a $15,000 scholarship for college!

Needless to say Mason was overwhelmed with happiness. You can watch the full interview and his performance on the Ellen Show in the video below.

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