After adoption, a pit bull from a shelter is unable to stop cuddling her new father. – Animals Nature Press

After adoption, a pit bull from a shelter is unable to stop cuddling her new father.


The adoption of animals from shelters is always touching. Additionally, Maggie’s response to seeing her new dad is winning over hearts everywhere. The cute pit bull is so overjoyed that she can’t stop caressing and kissing the man who chose to give her a lifelong home!

Maggie’s life was nothing but difficult, but when she met Mark, her new owner, everything changed. Mischka, a rescue dog owned by Mark and Mary McCraw, passed away suddenly a few months ago. They were going through a really trying period and never imagined they would love a dog as much as they did Mischka, but then Maggie arrived!

Mark admitted to The Dodo, “She melted my heart. “Before meeting Maggie, we lost our previous dog a few months earlier, so in my mind, this was just a meet-and-greet. At the time, I didn’t believe I was prepared for a new dog, yet here we are.


The Pitties From Heaven, a South Carolina foster where Maggie was placed after being saved from her prior owners, posted some adorable video footage of the moment the rescue dog first met her new father. Maggie approaches him, leaps into his arms, and gives him a ton of hugs and kisses, just if they were reunited, happier than ever!

“It’s like they had known each other for years,” the foster wrote. “This is why we foster. This is the moment a neglected dog becomes part of a family.”

But Maggie wasn’t the only one overexcited about this meeting. Mark was also delighted to meet another dog that went straight to his heart!

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The guy told THE DODO, “I leaned down so she wouldn’t be afraid, and within seconds she was on my lap and in my life. “It was love at first sight; there was a connection right away. She seems to have been destined for our family.

The cute scenario may be seen here:

@pittiesfromheaven This was Demi (now Maggie) meeting her new dad for the very first time. It’s like they had known each other for years ❤️😍 this is why we foster. This is the moment a neglected dog becomes part of a family #pitbullsoftiktok #rescuedogsoftiktok #fosterpuppiesoftiktok #adoptdontshop #loveatfirstsight ♬ It Had To Be You – Frank Sinatra

Explaining how such a loving dog could be abandoned, wind up in a shelter, or even worse (there are so many scenarios), end up on the street, is incredibly difficult, if not impossible. In any case, it is wonderful to see a tale like this have such a wonderful finish!

Andra Mack, the person who fostered Maggie before she was adopted, said of her, “She was one of the kindest dogs we have ever fostered.” “My husband and I only exchanged glances when Maggie met her new father because we both knew. Similar to a movie,




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