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Dog Signals his presence by nodding to a deaf and blind friend constantly


When Tamale was only 4 months old, he was adopted through Speak for the Unspoken dog rescue. He has been blind and deaf since birth, but it doesn’t actually bother him as much as people think.

Tamale’s mother, Kayleigh Otstot, told The Dodo, “He may occasionally run into things, but other than that, I view him as a fully normal dog.” “When people meet him, they frequently claim they would never know,”

Tamale has always been a social butterfly. He enjoys interacting with adults, children, and pets, and his kindness allowed him to meet Jimmy, his greatest buddy in the entire world.

“Jimmy and Tamale met at the dog park over a year ago,” Otstot said. “Originally Jimmy’s mom, Melinda, and I would plan to meet at the dog park. Then we started taking the two out on walks together and it went from there. They see each other at least once a week, if not more.”


Since they first met, Tamale and Jimmy have been as close as they possibly can, and they have such a lovely, special bond.

They have the cutest routine since Jimmy appears to be able to tell that Tamale is a little bit unique and might want additional attention sometimes.

@tamalethedm i love these two 🥺 #bestfriend #bestfriends #deaf #blind #doublemerle #aussie #goldenretriever #fyp ♬ hell never love you like i can – Evie 😉

Whenever the pair meet up to hang out, Tamale waits in the car, and Jimmy goes running over and boops Tamale on the nose. That way, Tamale knows that Jimmy has arrived and it’s time to get the adventure started.

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“Tamale always jumps out of the car, and the two immediately start to play,” Otstot said.

Jimmy always pokes Tamale’s nose when the two of them cross paths. He’s found a simple technique to grab Tamale’s attention because he is aware that Tamale cannot see or hear him. It demonstrates how much Jimmy feels about Tamale, his best friend, and neither of them would have it any other way.




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