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The Happiest Resolution to a Teacher’s Sad Goodbye to a Stray Dog


Scholar, welcome. The 4-month-old stray who was taken in by a Good Samaritan after living on the streets of New Orleans. But he was forced by circumstances to choose between losing his own house and finding a new home for the adorable dog.

Recently, many people have been moved by their tale, and for the finest reason.

“A renewed sense of faith in humanity began to take over,” the post said. “Paperwork was filled out and we assured the Good Samaritan teacher that the pup was in good hands.”

The man requested a moment to say goodbye, but no one was prepared for Scholar’s adorable reaction.


“Hearts melted, tears fell, and a little scraggly tail went ‘thumpity thump, thump,’” the post said. “Today we learned something: not all heroes wear capes. We realized that somewhere in a city filled with crime and helplessness, he stands at the head of a classroom where his only ‘weapon’ is his knowledge.”

The dog was given the name Scholar by the rescue team in honor of the instructor who gave him such good care.

In the article, it was said that “together, we hope their tale can alter lives, broaden minds, and teach that collectively, we can make a difference even if just for a minute.”

Scholar is now being fostered by a kind rescue worker and is doing well.

Tia Torres, the founder of the rescue, told The Dodo that “he’s doing great.” While our fans may have been hoping for a happy conclusion, Scholar’s narrative will continue on his own because there are many factors to consider when making such a significant decision.

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Scholar will soon transfer to the teacher-run Pet Pack Rescue Initiative. His narrative is still just getting started.

Being a former teacher myself, it made Torres emotional. We believed that Scholar’s rescue was the ideal next step after learning his “life’s lessons” and the beginning of his search for a forever home.

The dog had a strong chance of passing this class called “life” because of all the compassionate individuals who took care of him, including the selfless deed of the Good Samaritan instructor and other rescues.


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