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Family Takes Care Of A Kitten And It Turned Out To Be The Cat They Never Knew They Needed


Jennifer, a volunteer with the IndyHumane rescue organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, took in a feline family in desperate need of assistance. Sadly, the entire family of animals died, and three of the kittens died as well. Her mother and her other children, Benny, Bea, and Bear, flourished in the rescue center’s foster care.

Jennifer had no intention of taking in another litter of kittens at the time, but fate had other ideas. Bear, one of the kittens she adopted from this new home, was a really lovely guy to her and was always searching for a few pets from her. He’d hurry to Jennifer every time he finished eating.


Jennifer saw that Benny and Bea spent a lot of time together at the foster home, but their brother Bear mostly played alone and occasionally joined their foster mother, waiting for the ideal opportunity to jump into the room. it’s on your lap


Jennifer explains:


“He gazed at me with his large blue eyes and let out a strong 10-second meow to let me know he didn’t agree when I attempted to lay him down so I could go to sleep.”


Jennifer soon noticed that the small kitten was bonding with her family as well. Her favorite cat, Bodie, is said to have taken the fluffy and adorable Bear under her wing.

The volunteer recalls the following:

“Every now and again, I’d take the kittens out of the foster room to visit Bodie.” Benny and Bea were adamantly opposed to him, but Bear was a different story. He adored Bodie and allowed Bodie to adore him.”

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Bodie seemed ecstatic to have made a new companion who appreciated his attention and enthusiasm, and Bear, of course, returned the favor.

Jennifer continues:

“I always say Bodie picked Bear.” They appeared to click right away, and the more time I allowed them to spend together, the more I realized he belonged with us.”

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