In a cave, spelunkers find a lost dog 30 feet below the surface. – Animals Nature Press

In a cave, spelunkers find a lost dog 30 feet below the surface.


Hikers were investigating tunnels in Indiana’s Dewey Hickman Nature Preserve when they noticed something moving 30 feet below them. They moved closer to get a better look — and discovered that the movement was coming from a very underweight dog that was definitely in need of assistance.

The party felt they couldn’t leave the dog, who they later learned is named Hawkeye, behind the moment they spotted him. He was stranded, whether he was a stray or someone’s pet, and he needed to be rescued.

April Breeden of Harrison County Animal Control told The Dodo, “They repelled down and hooked him up to a harness and hoisted him out.” “When Hawkeye emerged from the cave, he was very malnourished. He was really kind while they were in the cave with him, and once he came out as well. They repelled down to investigate and then returned up. ‘Don’t leave me,’ he started barking.


The gang didn’t know how long the dog had been imprisoned in the cave, but they knew he needed to be examined and treated as soon as possible. They transported him to Harrison County Animal Control, where they estimated that he had been alone in the cave for up to two weeks based on his condition.

The shelter began looking for Hawkeye’s family while caring for him and doing their best to nurture him back to health. Because he was wearing a collar when he was discovered, they presumed he belonged to someone. His tale was picked up by a few local news outlets, and his family learned that their beloved dog had been located.

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Breeden explained, “His family watched his tale on the television and called us.” “The family had let him out to go pee, and he ran away approximately two weeks before he was discovered.”

Hawkeye’s family was soon contacted, and some of Hawkeye’s rescuers who discovered him in the cave also came to send Hawkeye farewell and meet his family. The abandoned dog couldn’t control his pleasure when he saw his family enter through the shelter doors.

“He was so delighted when he saw his dad, leaping and kissing him,” Breeden added.

Hawkeye’s family expressed gratitude to everyone who assisted in bringing him home safely. The adorable puppy has returned to his rightful home, and everyone is overjoyed that the narrative has come to a happy conclusion.

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