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Seven Kittens Left Without A Mother Were Raised by a Rescued Labrador


The one-year-old Labrador retriever named Bertie lives with Rachel, a nurse in the UK, and she never envisaged what would happen to her rescued puppy. The dog understands that all creatures in need should have a home since he once needed one and was given one, so he helps to care for them.

When the woman learned that seven two-week-old kittens that were orphaned needed a foster home, she offered to assist.

The kittens were discovered abandoned and motherless left on the side of a road, according to information from the Battersea animal shelter.

The individual opted to take the cats to the shelter after realizing how badly they required medical care.


The neighborhood vets checked them out when they got to the shelter and found that they were healthy, so they fed them to satisfy their hunger.

The kittens had to locate a foster home that would provide 24-hour care for them because they were still so little. Nurse Rachel offered without hesitation to look after the infants until they were old enough to reside at the shelter.

Although the mother was thrilled to be able to care for the kittens, she never imagined that she would come home to a special assistant. Her gorgeous dog was ecstatic to see the kittens, so she decided to enlist his assistance in caring for these helpless, tiny, and vulnerable animals.

Rachel said to METRO:

“Seeing a pet that was saved now helps save other animals in need is particularly emotional as a previous resident of Battersea,” said the author.

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As soon as that happened, Bertie’s maternal instinct took over and he took on the role of protector for the kittens in his care.


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