To save two cats she rescued, an animal-loving woman spends all of her savings and a little extra. – Animals Nature Press

To save two cats she rescued, an animal-loving woman spends all of her savings and a little extra.


Kelly Walker, a 43-year-old lady from the UK, chose to plan a trip to Turkey despite the lockdowns and limitations brought on by COVID 19. After the divorce, the woman moved back in with her mother and made plans to travel to the Turkish town of Antalya as her next stop.

He eventually took his well-earned vacation in November 2020, but when he was wandering around, he came upon two kittens dwelling on a rock. It appeared that Delilah and Harriet had been residing close to a spa for some time, and it was obvious that they urgently required assistance.

The woman decided to rescue the cats and bring them to her because they had severe health issues and had little chance of surviving.

In this way, Kelly started the difficult process of assisting the two cats and getting them to their home. The woman, however, was ready to take all action necessary to aid the kittens; she even made use of her money from a home loan and another source.


In order to acquire the cats’ confidence and be able to save them from the cliff, Kelly set up numerous feeding routines. When she finally managed to grab them, she rushed them to a veterinarian facility for nearly $3,000 worth of urgent care.

No matter how much it cost, he also had both cats neutered, immunized, and given all the treatments required to get them healthy again.

Kelly stated as reported by METRO:

“That money wasn’t simply for wasting, but I couldn’t just leave these helpless young souls here alone,” she said.

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In the middle of the lockdown, many individuals purchased pets or provided care for animals in an effort to make sense of their life.

The woman had to go back home but was unable to bring the two cats, so she made the decision to go back to Turkey in January of this year. Ella Kelly attempted to return to Antalya through Romania and Istanbul due to her limitations, but was turned away at the Istanbul airport.

The woman made the decision to go back to the UK after spending many days detained at the airport with no access to food and water. But Kelly was able to arrange for the two cats to stay in a pet hotel, and she paid for her hotel room until she could come back in October 2021.

This time, the woman was prepared to take the two rescued cats, but owing to animal export procedures, she once more left empty-handed.

Kelly continued:

“When I arrived at the airport with the cats—clearly to return to the UK—they bluntly informed me: “That’s not feasible. They are unable to fly from here to the UK.

The woman felt that she could not do more for them at that point because she had already spent more than $14,000,000 on them. Even though Kelly approached multiple airlines and essentially received the same response, she remained optimistic that she might still be of assistance.

The mother was able to take the kittens home after contacting an animal rights organization as a last resort.

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On October 23, the woman was at last reunited with Harriet and Delilah, and after all the turmoil, it all seemed to make sense.


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