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Dog Patiently Waits For Her Favorite Garbage Man To Visit Each Week


Every Friday for the past two years, Lily the Labrador has waited for her closest pal in her yard. This friend is loyal; whenever he goes by, he constantly stops to offer her food, pet her, and play with her, to to Lily’s joy.

David is the town’s garbage collector.


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Lily has always enjoyed spending time in her Bedford, New Hampshire front yard. She enjoys sitting and watching people walk by the house, and she is constantly prepared to protect her family from any malicious squirrels that might try to intrude.


Lily always hoped someone might come by and say hi to her. She wagged her tail at everyone who passed by — every mailman and every canvasser. But no one was giving her the attention she wanted.

Being a perceptive dog, Lily started to observe that every Thursday night her family put garbage cans outside, and every Friday a guy would come and take them away. Lily was sure that he would become her friend quickly.

One of Lily’s owners, Ishaan Chatterjee, told The Dodo that “their bond has developed into the nicest thing.” We give [our garbage guy] holiday gifts every year to demonstrate our appreciation for the way he treats Lily, in fact.

David, the garbage guy, and Lily have a unique relationship. While Lily reportedly shows affection to everyone, including those who aren’t dog lovers, Chatterjee claims that he can tell that David and Lily have a closer relationship.

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Chatterjee thinks Lily’s friendship with David also reflects her capacity to see the best in people, even though it undoubtedly has a bit to do with the chocolates in his pockets. Lily will always return your compassion if you do so, regardless of who you are or what you do.

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She demonstrates how to be more considerate of others. said Chatterjee. It’s incredible how much we can learn from animals.



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