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Dog Was Walking And Sees A Man On A Bench, Suddenly Realizes She Knows Him


Dogs are such unique creatures that they never forget individuals they meet and who somehow grow to be significant figures in their life.

Poodle dog named Rave is known for always being very loving and never missing a chance to welcome her buddies. She demonstrated that if you are a wonderful friend to Rave, you will always have a place in her heart, regardless of how much time has passed.

Kim Carino, Rave’s mother, made the decision to train her dog to behave properly at home around a year ago.

Due to his extensive expertise teaching dogs and ability to impart a wealth of knowledge, a friend of Kim’s brother volunteered his assistance in raising Rave. As the trainings progressed, Rave’s teacher developed into more than that, and the two of them forged a lovely and enduring bond.


Kim stated to The Dodo:

We often met with him. Rave loved the man.

The dog spent the entire summer in training, but Rave eventually finished and was able to use what he had learned. Rave gained her heart and never forgot her excitement or all of her enthusiasm, despite the fact that her trainer was only doing a learning task.

After ten months of preparation, Kim and her trainer pal recently made the decision to surprise Rave. Though it was intended for Rave to learn the surprise for herself, they both decided to meet in the park where they were exercising.

In order to check if the amiable Rave could identify and welcome him, the man consented to sit quietly on a park seat.

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Would he actually recall it after so much time had passed? Nobody knew the solution, but you had to be present to discover it. When the day of the “chance” encounter came, Kim made the decision to document the occasion, and Rave left behind any lingering misgivings.

As Kim said:

“I was interested in whether she recognized him. She’s a clever poodle, so I had a feeling she would. I had no doubts about how exceptional she is after observing her response to the buddy of my brother. She truly warmed my heart.

The dog seemed to be telling her instructor and companion that she had missed them both much throughout that period as she was delighted to see them both again.

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