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After Being Rescued From Traffic, Lola The Dog Has A Beautiful Life Now And A New Cat-Brother


Richie was driving home from work one evening in Columbus when he spotted a small mixed breed dog in the middle of a busy intersection. Dodging traffic, she was clearly terrified and in danger of being hit by a fast-moving vehicle. Richie pulled over, got out of his car and with the assistance of a few other good Samaritans helped the little dog to safety. He scooped her up, loaded her into his car and took her to CHA Animal Shelter.

At CHA, volunteers scanned her for a microchip, hoping to find a match and reunite her with her owners. No chip was found. No collar. No leash. No tags. No leads on if she belonged to anyone or how she ended up in the middle of that busy road. Volunteers got her settled in for the night and posted her found report online. Richie and his wife Katie already had a rescue dog, Lucy, an 11-year-old Boxer/Staffordshire mix and SnoopDogg the rescue cat, a Maine Coon mix

When asked what made him pull over that night Richie said: “I just pictured our Lucy getting loose and being in trouble and I hope that someone would stop to help her.”

After a few weeks with no one searching for her, Lucinda was ready for adoption after being vaccinated and spayed. Richie and Katie could not stop thinking about this sweet girl, so they decided to take her home to meet their crew on a foster-to-adopt plan. Fast forward two weeks later and Lucinda now goes by Lola and is an official member of the family. While she made herself at home immediately, the first few days she would jump upon any initial contact (petting or kisses) which broke their hearts thinking about her past. She now comes running anytime she hears her name called and sleeps in bed nightly alongside Lucy and SnoopDogg. “We have only had 2 weeks with little Lola in our home but couldn’t imagine her not being here now”, Katie said.

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Katie said: “The biggest thing that compelled us to adopt Lola was knowing she had been dumped and needed a good home – one that would make up for her past. With our Lucy getting older we thought it might be the perfect time to try to bring a younger dog into our family to help give our old girl a little more energy and Lola has certainly done that for Lucy.”

Katie is looking forward to helping even more animals, and is signed up for volunteer training at the shelter.

CHA Animal Shelter is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal shelter in northeast Columbus, Ohio. CHA is funded solely by donations from adoption fees, donations from the public, and our own fundraising efforts.

Our mission is to serve the people and animals of Central Ohio by providing safe, temporary shelter and care for abandoned or otherwise homeless cats and dogs, and to reduce pet overpopulation by means of spay and neuter, education, and community outreach. We have been fulfilling our mission since 1975.

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