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After Invading A Wedding, This Stray Dog Was Adopted By The Newlyweds


The bride and groom often be the center of attention at a wedding. However, occasionally visitors stifle their voices, especially uninvited visitors.

The Brazilian couple Tamiris Muzini and Douglas Vieira Robert experienced this when a stray dog showed up to welcome them on their wedding day.

This cute creature captured the hearts of the newlyweds and quickly took center stage at the party. After the wedding, the dog was named Braiá Caramelo de Jesus, won the couple’s hearts, and was adopted.


We learned more about the wedding from Huandra, the coordinator and volunteer for an NGO for animal protection.

The woman claimed that the dog appeared and sat at the church door as she was getting ready to arrange the groomsmen’s line for the ceremony! That scene was adorable to Huandra and the guys alike.

To allow the bride and groom to enter, they had to shift from that location. To their amazement, though, the dog found the bride’s car and followed her inside until she exited.

Tamiris was astounded by the dog’s behavior as she approached the church door. The dog remained at the door, lying down until the wedding was over, and the bride entered the church.

They made several additional attempts to remove the dog from the location, as Huandra recalled, but eventually gave up after realizing that he genuinely wanted to stay.

The dog had a sore paw, and Huandra saw that he was having some trouble walking.

“He did something he hadn’t done with anyone before, he got to his feet and tried to greet the bride and groom. That’s when the bride said to me, ‘I want to adopt him, he’s amazing.’ But at that moment, there was nothing I could do because I had a contract to follow and everyone went to celebrate the wedding. Our hearts were in love with the puppy.”

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On the NGO’s page, Huandra uploaded some footage of the dog. People started to comment that the dog lives on the streets after they immediately went viral. The dog was an orphan, which was obvious.

“The first thing the couple told me, right after the wedding, was that they couldn’t get the puppy out of their minds, that they really wanted to adopt him.

The day after the wedding, they looked for him a lot, but without success. Knowing this demand, I decided to help through the NGO’s page, with a photo of him asking if anyone had any news of where the dog was.

Six hours later, a follower sent me a message with images. I immediately recognized the dog, he was very far away in a coffee shop. I asked the follower named Joyce to hold him while the couple went to the place to catch it.”

They took him to the veterinarian to treat his fractured paw and obtain some medication.

The couple is currently on their honeymoon, and Caramelo is patiently awaiting their return to the home of the bride’s mother.

It certainly has a happy ending for the dog and the newlyweds!

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