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The Dog Is Very Happy To See The Person Who Saved Her Life Two Years Ago.


After spending two months stranded in an abandoned home, Honey was saved by the RSPCA. Her rescuer, RSPCA inspector Rachel Leafe, was surprised when she first saw her since she had been surviving on toothpaste and food scraps from tin cans. She had never seen a dog as skinny as her.

“When I rescued her I had to gain access through a kitchen window and I managed to reach down over the cupboards, and she was so light I managed to lift her free with one hand,” Leafe said in a press release. “I could visibly see, despite the thick fur, that she was grossly underweight. The outline of every rib could be seen through the fur.”

Leafe immediately rushed Honey to an emergency veterinary hospital, and the vet there said that she was rescued literally just in time. Despite how sick she was, Honey was so grateful to be there and kept trying to give kisses and show affection to everyone she encountered. Even after everything she’d been through, she was still the sweetest dog.


Honey spent time healing at the vet hospital and then in the care of the RSPCA, and two months later, she was finally strong enough to head off to her new forever home.

It’s been two years since Honey was rescued, and she’s settled in wonderfully to her new life. She loves her new family so much, and they’re so grateful to everyone who had a hand in saving her life, especially Leafe. They decided to invite the RSPCA inspector to visit Honey in her new home, and they were excited to see how Honey would react.

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Everyone had a feeling Honey would immediately recognize her rescuer — and they were absolutely right.

“As soon as I appeared through the door, she ran up to me and gave me an amazing welcome,” Leafe said. “She was jumping up, kissing my face and wouldn’t stop fussing with me. It was very emotional as I formed such a close bond with her at the time.”

Credits: RSPCA

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