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The dog won’t leave the construction site where she last saw her family.


Suzette Hall, a dog rescuer, says that although abandoned dogs stay around and wait for their owners to come back, lost dogs often explore the neighborhood.

Hall was aware that it would be difficult to capture the fearful canine when a group of Good Samaritans informed him that the dog had been hiding behind a construction sign beside a busy road for three days. The puppy wasn’t only in a tricky spot; she wouldn’t want to be taken from the site where she hoped to meet her family once more.

And, despite an entire neighborhood’s efforts, Hall was right.

“She was so afraid of people,” Hall told The Dodo. “People would try to go sit with her, or walk past her with their dogs, and she would just bark at them.”


Some neighbors who couldn’t get physically close to the dog still contributed to the rescue effort, like the person who volunteered to cook hot dogs for Hall to use as bait.

But still, even with warm hot dogs in the trap and an empty stomach, the dog would not go in.

So, after hours of trying to catch the dog to no avail, Hall decided to leave her trap at the construction site overnight and go back first thing in the morning to try again.

When Hall returned to the construction site the next morning, the dog was exactly where the rescuer had last seen her, but something was different. This time, the neighborhood was quiet and the dog seemed less spooked.

Hall claimed, “I cleaned the trap and assumed I was going.” She got up and began circling the trap as I was driving down the street.

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The dog was found in her trap when Hall returned to the building site.

She was so terrified after I freed her from my trap, said Hall.

“She appeared to be frozen solid. But she was so kind,” she continued. “So I simply rubbed her and loved on her for a long time,” she said.

The dog was then taken to the veterinarian, where a separate, calm space had been created exclusively for her to unwind for a few days.

They also decided on a name for the dog that fitted her. Bella, we named her,” Hall added. To us, she only had the appearance of a Disney princess.

According to Hall, Bella started to come out of her shell as soon as she knew she was safe and loved.

And, since a loving vet tech volunteered to foster Bella, Hall knows that the sweet pup will continue to thrive in her care and finally get the happily-ever-after she deserves.

“That little construction sign doesn’t have to be her home anymore,” Hall said. “And she doesn’t have to wait anymore.”



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