After spotting a man “drowning,” a dog “dives” in to save the day. – Animals Nature Press

After spotting a man “drowning,” a dog “dives” in to save the day.


Which girl is good?

Who is that? Princesa, the adorable dog.

Princesa is seen lounging near a pond where her friend is swimming. Then, seemingly as if to test the dog’s reaction, the man decides to simulate drowning, assuming a face-down position motionless in the water. And, well, if it was a test, Princesa clearly passed it.

Without hesitating, the dear dog proved herself a hero — leaping into the water and pulling the man ashore.


Those who loved Princesa the most were not blind to the commitment and loyalty she shown in that instance.

The person who shared the video above, Jenifer Correa, commented at the time, “This is the gift we receive from those that are by our side and never leave us.” “That is love and caring, yes,”

Princesa’s heroic dog Correa was the subject of an inquiry from The Dodo, but Correa wasn’t immediately available for comment. However, the moment captured in the video above speaks volumes about Princesa’s personality as well as the generosity and love that can be found in all wonderful dogs like her.

Credits: Jenifer Correa
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