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Disabled Puppy Gets Overlooked In Shelter Because Of His Imperfections


He was born with disabilities so his breeder dumped him in a shelter, not caring about what could happen to him there. Luckily, the right person saw him as the beautiful pup he is and helped him find a home.

From the day he was born, the American Staffordshire Terrier named Caption Morgan was singled out for being the “ugly one.” His breeder didn’t see any value in his life and separated him from his mother and siblings, dumping him at a rural high-kill shelter.

The black and white puppy didn’t get any attention at the shelter because he had a deformed right ear and was missing his left eye. His situation was dire and he stood little chance of adoption unless someone took mercy on the poor little guy.

Foster coordinator Nicole Horabik took one look at the sad puppy and knew she had to take a chance on him. When he was 8 weeks old, she took him home to her other rescue dogs, who also had disabilities, and began to foster him.


Once safe at her home, Captain Morgan began to come out of his shell and soon transformed into a cheerful and affectionate dog. He had no idea that he was different than other dogs and just wanted a family of his own.

The trouble was, the world didn’t view him as cute as other puppies and it was proving difficult to find someone to love him. He was ignored, considered an abomination. But Nicole didn’t give up, she was determined to find him the perfect family.

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So, she came up with an idea that would change people’s perspectives on the puppy. She posted pictures of him on social media along with a sign that said, “I was thrown away because I wasn’t perfect. Share if you think I’m perfect.”

Soon animal lovers all over the Internet were sharing pictures of the beautiful and worthy of love puppy. He touched the hearts of many people, and it wasn’t long before he found a family who loved him and all his physical imperfections.

Today, he’s become an inspiration for all underdogs, the unwanted, thrown away, and the disabled. He may have looked a little different but that only made him more special. He is perfect just like he is and just needed someone to take a chance on him.

Please share this beautiful rescue story to inspire others to consider the disabled, unique, and special needs dogs who need to be adopted too. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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