A man recovers his stolen car and finds a dog inside of it. – Animals Nature Press

A man recovers his stolen car and finds a dog inside of it.


Vitor Mangino had no clue that last Saturday when he traveled to a party close to his house in Brazil, the evening would eventually take a bad turn. Mangino learned that his car had been taken while he was at the party when he tried to depart.

Mangino told The Dodo that when he arrived at the spot where he had parked, “my automobile was no longer there.” “I needed help badly. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find it.

Mangino didn’t realize that this incident would ultimately improve his life at the time.

That night, Mangino filed a report with the police about his stolen car. But when, over the following days, Mangino failed to hear back that his car had been found, he began to worry it was lost forever.


Then he got a call.

“It was the police sergeant. They’d found my car,” Mangino said. “He asked me if I lost a dog, too. I said, ‘No, just the car.’ Then he said, ‘Well, there’s a dog on top of your car, and he refuses to leave or let anyone get close.’ When I heard that, I got goosebumps.”

Arriving to where his car had been found, Mangino saw that the dog was still there.

Mangino had never met this strange puppy before, yet he instantly connected with the frail stray canine.

Mangino said, “He was really cordial to me. He behaved as if we had known each other forever.

It appeared that Mangino’s vehicle now included a dog. And Mangino simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Mangino decided to adopt the sweet dog, naming him Heineken.

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Where Heineken had come from exactly is anyone’s guess. But one thing is for certain: Now he’s home.

“We’re inseparable,” Mangino said.

Unfortunately, Mangino’s car was left with some damage by the people who stole it — the engine had been tampered with and the sound system was gone.

But knowing that it all led up to him meeting Heineken, Mangino’s not feeling too terribly down.

“I had a loss of about $1,000. But at least I gained a friend,” he said. “I will make him the happiest dog in the world.”



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