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A dog instructs Little Brother on how to swim in the ocean.


A little dog by the name of Jeffrey struggled to swim in the water. However, with Kevin’s assistance, the timid puppy was able to face his fear like a pro.

Max and Finn, two other canine buddies of Jeffrey and Kevin, were asked to join them on a beach fun day. A shy Jeffrey stood on the sand and watched as his brother and friends enjoyed themselves in the sea. It was immediately apparent that although Jeffrey required some prodding, he wanted to join them.

Jeffrey was first apprehensive about getting his paws wet, according to the dog’s mother Elysse Gorney, who spoke to The Dodo. “But I think Jeffrey truly recognized this when he witnessed Kevin charge right into the water with such confidence.

The next thing I know, Jeffrey is swimming next to Kevin while pursuing a tennis ball in the water. The show was amazing to watch.


You can watch Kevin teach Jeffrey how to swim here:

Once Jeffrey gave the ocean a chance, he had a blast — thanks to the help from his big brother, Kevin. “Kevin has the best temperament,” Gorney said. “He is a goofy, fun-loving boy, who just wants to share his love and smile with the world.”

Jeffrey might’ve been scared of the ocean before, but now the two swim together all the time. The brothers recently attended a doggie pool party, where Jeffrey became an official part of the tight-knit dog pack.

“He has been such a great big brother to Jeffrey,” Gorney said. “I think that Jeffrey is learning a lot from Kevin.”

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The two water-loving puppies Gorney currently possesses may change everything about beach visits. Gorney referred to Little Jeffrey as “the missing jigsaw piece.”

Jeffrey seamlessly integrated into our routine, said Gorney. He likes Kevin and is really hilarious and self-assured. Kevin also adores him. I’m really glad to see them playing together.



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