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Missing Beagle Returns Home Wearing A Third Place Ribbon From A Dog Show


When Peter and Paula Closier’s dog went missing, the couple was frantic. Somehow their 5-year-old Beagle mix named Bonnie got out of an open gate and seemed to vanish into thin air.

With the help of their two daughters, the Closiers looked high and low for Bonnie but couldn’t find her anywhere. Neighbors even joined the search. Local veterinarian offices and even the police were called but there was no sign of the little dog anywhere.

What the family didn’t yet know was that earlier that day, Bonnie had made her way to a highway nearby. A good Samaritan named John Wilmer was driving by and spotted Bonnie on the side of the road. Lucky for her, he stopped and picked her up, but he happened to be on his way to a dog show.

He was late, so he had no time to look for her owners. But once at the dog show, he took a picture of Bonnie and posted it on Facebook, announcing that he had found her. Eventually, Paula saw the post and relieved, reached out to John.


Arrangements were made to meet up after the show and meanwhile, Bonnie would stay with John for the day. There happened to be a Best Rescue Dog competition, so John decided to enter Bonnie in it. Well, Bonnie must have had fun because she came in third place!

So, when Bonnie was finally reunited with her family, she enjoyed a great day out. Not only did she get to watch a dog show, but she also got to be in one and even sported a big, yellow ribbon to prove it.

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“Bonnie was absolutely fine when she got back. She just thought she was having a great day out,” Peter told SWNS.

“When she was missing, I had five different outcomes in my head, the best being that she came back,” the dog owner added. “This was even better than that; she came back with a rosette.”

Bonnie had so much fun, we hope she doesn’t get any crazy ideas about running away again any time soon. Her family was certainly surprised that the adorable escape artist came back wearing a winning ribbon. Please feel free to share this funny story with your friends.

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