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Husky Shows Off His Artistic Side And Paints Apartment All By Himself


When you leave your dog alone at home, you might worry about a shoe that was left out or even that the trash can wasn’t emptied before you left. But it’s very doubtful that you’d worry that your dog might redecorate your whole apartment while you’re away.

But that’s exactly what happened to this family when they decided to go to the movies one night. Their dog must have been watching a lot of home improvement shows because as soon as they were gone, he got to work.

Ok, so their dog wasn’t really into redecorating, but he was into mischief. He found a jar of ink and somehow spilled enough of it on the floor to create some pawsome art that covered the entire apartment.

The magnitude of the dog’s talent must have taken his owner’s breath away. Truly, the amount of ink that he managed to cover the apartment with is astounding, to say the least. We’d say it’s safe to assume he kept himself busy the entire time they were gone.


The Imgur user who shared his dog’s masterpiece said that thankfully his dog got into ink that was safe so that he wasn’t harmed at all. The ink was “traditional ink for Chinese calligraphy practice,” which was non-toxic to both animals and humans.

In the meantime, we wonder how long it took to clean up the black paw prints that dotted every inch of the floor as well as other surfaces. Looks like this pup decided that he’d get his inky paws over a lot more than just the tile.

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A shopping bag, a purse, and what looks like a pillow are also covered in paw prints. To add some texture, it also appears he spread around some dirt and just had a great time making a huge mess.

Good thing this playful pupper is so cute because it must have taken hours to clean up his art off the floors and everywhere else. We bet his owner never leaves him alone with a jar of ink again.

We hope you enjoyed these hilarious pictures. His owner seems to have taken it all in good stride and hopefully had a good laugh over the whole mess. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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