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Happy To Reunite With His Missing Dog, Heartbroken Boy


Leandro, 11, felt as though his world had crumbled earlier this week. Their beloved dog, Mili, who was his greatest buddy, had vanished from their house in Brazil.

Leandro and his family looked all around for the puppy, but they were unable to locate her.

But everything soon changed.

Across town, a local fireman named Juninho Giugni was alerted to a dog found on the street all alone. The pup was wearing a clean sweater and appeared to be lost.


It was Mili.

Giugni suspected the dog was a missing pet and decided to keep her safe until her owners could be found — not realizing just how much that would mean to Leandro.

Giugni learned about Leandro and his family’s frantic quest for a dog that matched the description of the puppy he’d saved after asking about. He soon found them and was able to locate them.

Giugni took a car to the family’s residence, where little Leandro was sitting in the front yard sobbing.

See it on video here.

Giugni told The Dodo that when they arrived, “he was sobbing tears of relief.” “The thrill of their reunion.”

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