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Every Train Passenger Is a Target for Sweet Dog’s Mood-Boosting Mission


People typically attempt to avoid communicating with other passengers when riding trains.

Unless, of course, a sweet Italian greyhound named Cosmo, age 2, happens to be one of those passengers.

Greyhounds are known for having a little bit of anxiety, and many of them take some time to warm up to and trust humans. But Cosmo works to disprove that notion each time his paws touch the railway station.

On one particular Tuesday afternoon on the London Underground metro train, Cosmo was having an exceptionally easy time making friends. He met a woman holding a coffee, a man in a suit, travelers with bags tucked by their sides and beneath their feet — and no matter the person, Cosmo was ready to spread joy and comfort to anyone willing to give him pets.


Cosmo Lane’s mother Megan Lane told The Dodo, “I enjoy having him on the train with me because he always brightens people’s day.” He seeks friendship from everyone he encounters.

When Cosmo joyfully leaps up to a stranger, Lane said she is usually wary, especially when he jumps straight on their knees. She discovers that most people are eager to give him the affection he needs, establishing Cosmo as the official London Underground Therapy Dog.

“People always smile and ask if they can hold or stroke him,” Lane said.

Cosmo has a history of providing companionship and love to people when they need it most. For Lane, Cosmo proved to be the perfect friend in her time of need.

“I got him when I was heartbroken and very scared to be living alone for the first time in my life,” Lane said. “He’s been the best company and my little mate. He sleeps under the covers on my legs.”

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Whether he’s cuddling his mom at home or nuzzling a new best friend he met minutes ago, Cosmo is on a mission to make everyone’s day a little bit brighter. He leads by example — continuously proving that sometimes even the most solitary commuters enjoy meeting a stranger on the train.


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