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Dog Says Goodbye To Her Senior Best Friend Who Died In The Most Sweet Way Imaginable


Despite the fact that they appeared to be total opposites of one another, Pepper and Yari were the closest of friends. Additionally, Yari didn’t want to say goodbye when Pepper passed away last month.

When Tona Gonzalez Karlsson, Pepper’s mother, adopted Yari, Pepper was nine years old. The Chihuahua mix and the rescue pit bull puppy connected right away, despite the fact that the Chihuahua mix was already an older dog.

“He was always picky about other dogs, but they clicked,” Karlsson told The Dodo. “Eventually, they started playing and cuddling. It was so funny, because now when Yari plays with big dogs, she plays kind of like she’s a Chihuahua.”


Together, the two canines had a lot of pleasant, exciting years, and Yari always admired her tiny big brother. Every time he came back, “[Yari] would kiss him and demonstrate her joy,” Karlsson recalled. She had a strong desire to be with Pepper. When she wasn’t with him but knew he was around, she occasionally howled.

She said, “There were never any problems between them. They only appeared to adore and comprehend one another.

However, as Pep got older, his health began to fail. Yari seemed to intuit when Pepper was suffering and would do anything she could to help.

“Whenever Pep was sick or after he came home from the hospital, Yari knew to be calm around him. She would just want to comfort both him and me,” Karlsson said. “There were times when Pep was sick while I was sleeping … and Yari would wake me up or look at him in a way that made me know something was wrong.”

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Pepper began to deteriorate in ways Karlsson couldn’t ignore in the final month of his life. As a result of Pep’s several grave diseases, Karlsson was ultimately forced to arrange for a final veterinary appointment.

He completely stopped eating the day before he passed away. “Yari simply cuddled up next to him and kissed him,” Karlsson remarked. At my parents’ place, we put him to sleep. I had to carry Pep that day since he was so unwell.

To the cemetery that Karlsson’s father had prepared for him behind a pepper tree. It seems as though he were letting his family know he was prepared.

Yari walked over to touch Pep after he had taken his last breath. The small dog appeared to be sleeping more soundly than he had in a very long time. His tomb was decorated by Karlsson and her parents with lavender and garden flowers, and they carefully lowered him into the earth. Yari knew her pal was not returning at that point.

“She looked into the grave, and I obviously don’t know what she was thinking, but she must have known he was there,” Karlsson said. “She laid down next to his grave, and she seemed so sad, and it just seemed like she was hugging the dirt.”

“She stayed there for a while,” Karlsson added.

Yari appeared to have changed after Pep’s funeral. Without her best friend, the formerly joyful and active canine appeared despondent.

However, Karlsson realized she could do one thing to cheer up her dog: “I went her to visit his cemetery at my parents’ house,” Karlsson recalled. She was giggling so much that she couldn’t stop smelling the ground surrounding the pepper tree.

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Yari had five wonderful years with her closest friend, and she now understands that all she needs to do to reunite with him is to go to the pepper tree.


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